Binghamton University | Arts 486 - Software III | S 2019

May 9, 2019

Kawamura (WIP)

Detailed above are the current mockups for the website created using Adobe XD.


March 5, 2019



The brand persona/indentity I tried to work with revolves around a preexisting brand that belonged to my paternal grandmothers side of the family. Instead of attempting to create a new brand entirely, I decided to work with an existing brand (with close personal ties to me) with the aim to reinvent a 20th century style of brand identity to embrace more contemporary concepts of design. The word "Kawamura" is my grandmothers given surname and as a word holds a strong personal connection to me. For the business card designs I wanted to create a front side that would be minimal yet bold, as if to let the logo and brand colors speak for themselves. I utilized heavy typographic design elements with flat colors, avoiding any minimal details, keeping in mind the scale in which the businesscard will be materialized. Additionally, I recreated the old Japanese version logo digitally and utilized it in my designs as if to embrace my Japanese heritage, as one of my goals was to take inheritantly opposite forms in traditional Japanese lettering and more modern geometric letters and layout and combine them together in a composed design. The colors selected are a homage to my grandmother as they are similar colors utilized in the KAWAMURA brand identity when she was still running the store.

February 14, 2019


For this project, our class was tasked with taking an existing advertisement found on campus, and redesign it to our own liking. I picked a flyer advertising a search for new Morris Dancers, a niche club committed to upholding the European traditions of Morris dancing. The three approaches showcase my conceptual experimentation with understanding designing for a client. My goal in mind was to somehow take a controversial dance such as Morris dancing and transform it into a much more appealing, "within our time" activity.

The Original